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About this site

The content at this site began at AllExperts.com, where I have been answering Word users’ questions since 1998. In 1999, site founder Steve Gordon invited his volunteer ‟experts” to post answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and I submitted a number of question-and-answer pairs. In 2000, when the Microsoft MVPs for Word decided to collaborate on a tutorial site, I contributed the FAQs I had already written and eventually quite a few more. Many of those articles have since been revised and updated for publication here.

In 2004, I took advantage of the free Web space offered by EarthLink (my Internet provider) to set up the ‟WordFAQs” site there. By April 2005, traffic to the site was exceeding EarthLink’s 1 GB monthly quota, so I moved the site to MVPs.org (the URL was changed slightly when MVPs.org was reorganized in 2011).

In late 2016, the owners of the MVPs.org site, who had been providing free hosting for Microsoft MVPs for 20 years, decided to close their doors. So again this site had to move to its current address. Also a casualty was the Word MVPs' FAQ site, which was also hosted by MVPs.org. See more on that below.

This site does not attempt to be comprehensive. Originally I described it as “merely a way station for articles pending their publication at the Word MVPs’ FAQ site (and a repository for some articles that are not suitable for that site),” but eventually I found it more satisfactory to publish articles at a site that I controlled, facilitating editing and updates. For subjects not covered by articles here, however, please try the other sites linked below.

Note that I do not offer paid Word consulting. Word is not my business but just a tool I use in my business. All of my Word support is offered free through the Microsoft newsgroups and forums.

  •  For a list of the articles currently on offer at this site, see the Tutorials page.

  •  For a list of my articles originally hosted at the Word MVPs’ FAQ site, see the My MVP FAQs page. I will be adding those to this site as time permits.

  •  For links to other useful sites, including sites maintained by other Word MVPs, see the Useful Links page.

  •  For answers to your other questions about Word, you can get help from other users in Microsoft's peer support forums. For more information and links to the relevant forums, see my Useful Links page.

  •  For more information about the Microsoft MVP program, please see the the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional site.

  •  For more about me, see my personal website.

—Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)

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